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JSP Launches Thin Sheet Polyethylene Foam Manufacturing Business

JSP has launched a new joint venture business to manufacture sheet foams with California-based Qycell. This new JSP business will concentrate on the expansion, production and distribution of sheet foam materials, which is based on its own cross-linked polymer technology.

JSP's high performance thin sheet polyethylene (PE) foam adds sustainability advantages for use in automotive, pressure sensitive tape, laminates and other engineered applications.

A continuous roll stock of thin polyethylene (PE) foam sheets will be offered by JSP for use in many applications such as laminate, automotive, and pressure sensitive tape.

The manufacturing method bypasses the necessity of using complicated chemistry and processing in order to produce eco-friendly cross-linked polymers in extruded sheet foam and offers benefits to foam material users.

This unique method can make thin cross-linked foamed PE sheets and helps to decrease the usage of material without a compromise on the performance. This process ensures better tensile strength, when compared to the equivalent foamed PE sheets, and manufactures products with a higher resistance towards chemical exposure and high temperatures.

According to JSP’s General Manager, Kevin Brophy, a new dimension is formed for JSP in North America, through this acquisition of technology and added manufacturing potential. The company is capable of applying worldwide expertise in the sheet foam manufacturing, offering new products to the previous automotive customers in North America. JSP has become a high performance distributor in markets, apart from packaging and automotive.

JSP is looking at new technologies. These include cross-linked polypropylene sheet foam, original oxygen barriers for food processing and polymer-based advancements. Innovation in processing was possibly made by its application of technology developments of JSP, globally.


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