FP International Unveils New Anti-Static Film

FP International, a producer of advanced protective packaging products and systems, has launched a new anti-static air cushion film.

PILLOW PAK Anti-Static Bubble Made-on-Site

The PILLOW PAK anti-static film provides higher protection to products and it is the first-of-its-kind film that can be produced on-site.

The anti-static film meets or surpasses the two major electrostatic discharge (ESD) specifications of PPP-C-795D Class 2, MIL-PRF-81705E and EIA-541 standards during manufacturing. Surface resistivity and static decay are two ESD factors. Surface resistivity of the material must be within the range of 1.0 x 105 ohms/sq to 1x1012 ohms/sq and static decay needs to be less than 2 secs.

One important feature of the PILLOW PAK film is its capability to made-on-site at 120 lineal feet per minute. The film is tough and durable and hence, it will maintain its cushioning integrity all through the shipment and extended storage. The film enables air to transfer between cells to offer continuous cushioning and protection of products when compared to standard bubble. The material is available in the form of rolls and each roll is 30” by 1,200’ and 7/8” in height.

The packaging solutions from FP International are used in several industries, including automotive, health and beauty, aerospace, medical, electronics and other packaging markets.

Source: http://www.fpintl.com/

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