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Ticer Launches NiCr Thin Film Embedded Resistor Copper Foil

Ticer Technologies, a thin film resistor materials manufacturer, has declared the addition of TCR-HF to its product line. TCR-HF is a NiCr thin film embedded resistor copper foil with low insertion loss that was specifically designed for high frequency applications.

According to the President of Ticer Technologies, David Burgess, TCR-HF has offered a solution for the high frequency market, which demanded for an embedded resistor copper foil that has insertion loss performance, when compared to rolled copper foil. TCR-HF has good uniformity in sheet resistance, etching accuracy features related with smooth copper and proven predictability of NiCr by means of printed wiring board (PWB) methods.

The company has designed TCR-HF especially for PTFE bond ply and laminate systems. The test results have confirmed that the insertion loss is 50 GHz, when compared to rolled copper foil, 0.48 um Rq of Wyko surface profile and more than 5 PLI of peel strengths.

After ammoniacal etchant, the NiCr resistive alloy will use cupric chloride that will allow the new two-step etching method. The ammoniacal or other alternative oxide chemistries are not affecting the NiCr. The expected performance of the NiCr alloy has enabled PWB fabricators in order to reach the resistor value targets during the end of the process.

TCR-HF is used in the applications that include aerial, ground and speed-based radar systems, radio frequency and defense microwave electronics, Wilkinson power dividers and antennas.


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