Rand Material Handling Unveils New Biodegradable Stretch Film

A new biodegradable stretch film product has been launched by Rand Material Handling, a distributor of packaging, warehouse and storage supplies.

Green Packaging

When the film is introduced to a landfill site it will completely decompose within two years. This green packaging material is FDA-approved and has tensile strength same as non-degradable products. Rand Material Handling’s completely biodegradable and recyclable stretch wrap product is offered as a machine or hand stretch film and it is suitable for warehousing, storage and packaging industries. Prices of the stretch film depend on the application and material grade.

The company’s Brand Manager, Lisa Sympson, stated that the biodegradable stretch film is the first-of-its-kind and it is an ideal alternative for packing applications. He added that as local and national governments implement many strict sustainability and recycling regulations, the awareness and requirement for solutions like biodegradable stretch film are expected to increase. The movement of green packaging is not a temporary one but it is a developing trend. In the last decade, a large number of companies have established a Chief Sustainability Officer position in order to meet their company’s product waste elimination, recycling and pollution issues.

Rand Material Handling supplies a complete range of packaging products and materials handling equipment. At present, the company delivers more than 20,000 high-quality products and offers excellent customer services.

Source: http://www.randmh.com/

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