Research and Markets Offers New Book on Nanomaterials and Devices

Research and Markets has included a new book titled ‘Introduction to Nanomaterials and Devices’ from John Wiley and Sons to its database.

The comprehensive book covers the development of semiconductor nanomaterials, semiconductor thin films and bulk semiconductors. It provides data on quantum mechanics applications to quantum transport and nanomaterial structures. It features extensive coverage of Bose-Einstein, Fermi-Dirac and Maxwell-Boltzmann statistics.

The book discusses in detail about the transport, electrical and optical properties of the nanomaterials. It also provides information on electronic and optoelectronic devices and energy level calculations in quantum wells, periodic potentials and quantum dots.

The book offers a novel method of applying conventional physics concepts to describe new phenomena. It introduces fundamental nanomaterial concepts and the devices developed from them. It provides a solid foundation to readers on the quantum mechanics subject. It starts with the fundamental properties of semiconductors and then describes the properties of nanomaterial systems, including quantum dots and wires, and quantum structures such as single and multiple quantum wells.

John Wiley and Sons’ new book is a valuable reference tool for practitioners and students exploring nanomaterials. Key topics covered in the book include Growth of Bulk, Thin Films, and Nanomaterials, Application of Quantum Mechanics to Nanomaterial Structures, Density of States in Semiconductor Materials, Optical Properties, Electrical and Transport Properties, Electronic Devices and Optoelectronic Devices.

Author of the book is Omar Manasreh, an electrical engineering professor at the University of Arkansas. Manasreh has presented more than 50 papers at international and national conferences and published over 130 papers in technical journals.


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