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ON Semiconductor Launches New MOSFET ICs for Wireless Charging Applications

ON Semiconductor, a provider of high-performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has introduced a new power MOSFET integrated circuit (IC), the NMLU1210, for use in wireless charging applications in devices like media tablets, GPS units, cell phones, digital still cameras and portable media players.

This NMLU1210 IC is a 20 V N-channel semi-synchronous full bridge rectifier, wherein a dual Schottky barrier diode has been integrated that supports operation for up to 3.2 A and two MOSFETs with a 17 mW Rds(ON) in order to increase the charging system's efficiency and decrease conduction losses.

Wireless inductive charging has gained popularity and reduces the clients' inconvenience caused by conventional wiring. The principle behind the wireless charging is an electromagnetic field that is being formed for quick energy transformation between the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver side uses the new MOSFET IC in order to convert transmitter-generated AC voltage to DC voltage used for charging a battery. This NMLU1210 IC is available as thermally efficient and ultra-low inductance package and is specifically optimized for power management activities in electronic products. It is well-suited for use in space-constrained locations. The operational junction temperature of this IC ranges from −55°C to 125°C.

Paul Leonard, VP of ON Semiconductor's Power MOSFET products division stated that this NMLU1210 full bridge rectifier has enabled quicker and efficient wireless charging for electronics devices. This device will facilitate the OEMs to provide the customers with flexibility in recharging a battery. This will give enhanced power features to the products.


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