Tennant Unveils Eco-ITS Bio-Based Urethane Coatings for Floors

Tennant has launched the Eco-ITS bio-based urethane coatings to offer sustainable floor solutions that are made using 50% less petroleum-based chemicals, decreased odor and 23-46 g/L VOCs (color) and 21 g/L VOCs (clear).

According to the agreement signed between Tennant and Cargill, the company is using a 95% plant-based BiOH polyol in the Eco-ITS coatings that protects floors and provides a sustainable coating application, which reduces shutdowns and enhances productivity. Currently, Eco-ITS coatings are available in satin, gloss and various color options that allow industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and other units to produce professional-looking appearances.

Eco-ITS coatings are durable and provide the same performance and protection as the WearGuard technology, which has been applied globally for millions of square feet. They are sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that use up to 50% bio-based renewable technology. These coatings have low VOCs and can be utilized in geographies, which need low VOCs that are 23-46 g/L VOCs (color) and 21 g/L VOCs (clear).

Tennant’s Director of Coating Technologies, Mickey Gubman stated that the company is committed to manufacture products, which help customers to make cleaner units and meet their sustainability objectives. These coatings are highly durable and use renewable resources. The company believes that sustainability and facility managers will gain by using plant-based polyol in the Eco-ITS satin and gloss urethane coatings.

Source: http://www.tennantco.com/

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