New Software for Malvern Bohlin Asphalt Rheometers Simplifies Measurement and Reporting

Malvern Instruments has launched a comprehensive new software package for its Malvern Bohlin Dynamic Shear Rheometers (DSRs), which are recognized as the industry standard for SHRP and AASHTO asphalt testing. Using the new TruGrade software package, routine analysis is truly simple and even inexperienced operators can make accurate and reliable measurements. Its intuitive one page user interface can be configured to meet individual needs and a wizard guides the operator all the way through the process from sample loading to testing - and even cleaning. TruGrade is available on new systems and as an upgrade for customers currently using Malvern Bohlin DSR and ADS rheometers.

New software for Malvern Bohlin asphalt rheometers simplifies measurement and reporting

When used in combination with Malvern’s fully independent, NIST-traceable calibration device - the only one to be directly interfaced in a commercial asphalt rheometer - TruGrade delivers automated, accurate temperature calibration. This allows rheological properties to be determined with great accuracy. Specification testing and grade determination scripts are executable with just a click of the mouse, while automated sequencing allows a series of tests to be run without operator intervention.

Complete Performance Grade asphalt binder compliance reporting is made simple, whether reports are needed for internal use or for issuing to customers. Users can enter information to tailor the software to meet specific requirements for details associated with the sample. Report forms can also be customized.

For instruments connected to the internet, Malvern offers remote service support, allowing easy access to expert technical assistance. The Help system additionally provides links to Malvern’s on-line Education Center which contains comprehensive and freely available information in the form of on-demand presentations, technical and application notes, published articles and a library of other support information.

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