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Metabolix and Ball Horticultural Announce Availability of Mirel Biopolymer-based SoilWrap Plant Container

Ball Horticultural, Metabolix and Costa Farms have announced the availability of the Mirel-based biodegradable SoilWrap plant containers at Home Improvement stores of Lowe, which is located in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

SoilWrap biodegradable plantable flower pot. Costa Farms and Ball Horticulture make SoilWrap using Mirel biopolymer from Metabolix.

Ball’s SoilWrap plant containers are made using 100% renewable Mirel biopolymers and naturally biodegrades in soil. The new design of the container enables the growth of plant at a faster rate and avoids transplant shock by bringing the roots of the plant in direct contact with soil. SoilWrap when planted in the garden will be degraded to become a food for beneficial soil microbes.

Bill Doeckel, Ball Innovations’ General Manager stated that the company is committed to supplying new sustainable solutions to landscape professionals and gardeners. These solutions enable the growth of healthy plants and enable users to reduce wastes and allow merchants to distinguish product offerings. Metabolix invested in R&D to develop the Mirel biopolymers, which have been widely examined for the SoilWrap product. Ball is delighted to introduce SoilWrap product, together with Costa Farms, and to decrease the dumping of horticultural plastic into landfills, he added.

Home gardeners use SoilWrap instead of petroleum-based plastics in order to remove waste, decrease planting and clean-up time by 30%. The Mirel biopolymers offer biodegradability properties and are a sustainable bioplastic alternative for users.

Mirel biopolymers are biodegradable in marine and natural soil atmospheres. The performance features of these biopolymers are similar to that of many plastics, based in petroleum, which include heat resistance and printability. SoilWrap and Mirel biopolymers are listed in the USDA bio-preferred campaign.


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