Eco-Friendly Building Materials for Home Remodeling Projects

Dry weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest bring a hectic spring remodeling season, and during this time, homeowners search for suitable general contractors to remodel their homes.

According to BetterBuilders, a Seattle area general contractor, homeowners must use eco-friendly materials while planning for such projects.

Innovative living concepts account for many green building developments; however, it is the green building materials that make the highest contribution.

Some of the decking alternatives include composites that are developed from a combination of recycled plastics and waste wood fiber. These alternatives are durable; however, they are developed from petroleum products. Hardwood is the most natural product, but it impacts the limited resources available and also involves unnecessary transportation expenditures. On the other hand, hardwood alternatives offer a suitable solution or a softer wood can be employed which can be maintained with stains containing low VOC levels.

Metal sidings can be used for exterior siding materials as they can be reused and some of them are made from recycled material. Fiber-cement is another alternative that has a wood finish and contains recycled wood fibers and cement.

For roofing materials, slate and clay tiles can be used as they can be recycled and are also low energy input products. However, their weight poses a major challenge during shipment and appears uneconomical. Another alternative is metal roofing that is lightweight and can be recycled; however, it can contribute to increased metal content in ground water. Homeowners can do some research and evaluate the local resources available to suit their objectives.

FSC certified hardwood flooring is an ideal product. Bamboo and cork flooring is growing popular and comes in various colors, shapes and different installation options. Most importantly, homeowners should follow LEED guidelines by refurbishing and reusing materials.



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