DOW Coating Materials Awarded the ACA American Coatings Award 2012

The American Coatings Association (ACA) and coatings conference organizer Vincentz Network (VN) presented Dow Coating Materials' research team with the 2012 American Coatings Award.

Dow Coating Materials' Dr. Antony van Dyk, global research & development leader for Dispersants and project leader for Rheology Modifiers, and Dr. Alan Nakatani, Dow senior research scientist in the Core Research & Development Analytical Sciences Rheology Group, were awarded for their technical paper, "Shear Rate Dependent Structure of Polymer Stabilized TiO©ü Dispersions," on May 7, 2012 at the American Coatings Show and Conference in Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. van Dyk and Dr. Nakatani were awarded for their documentation of a series of studies on titanium dioxide (TiO©ü)'s response to forces that occur when paint is stirred or applied to a surface with a brush, roller or sprayer. Working with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the team tracked how molecular weight and hydrophobicity of various polymeric dispersants affect TiO2 dispersion in paints.  Using an advanced technique called Rheo Ultra Small-Angle Neutron Scattering, or Rheo-USANS, the Dow team was able to pinpoint conditions under which aggregates of small TiO©ü particles break apart or cluster together in liquid paint.  As a result, Dr. van Dyk and Dr. Nakatani were able to identify polymers that work best in keeping TiO2 particles well dispersed.

"Dow experts are top tier in constantly delivering outstanding insights and innovations that offer more and better industry solutions," says Rodolfo Bayona- Plata, technical and sales service director for Dow Coating Materials North America.  "As global demand for TiO2 continues and supply remains limited, our research provides a better handle on how to use this pigment efficiently without compromising performance or increasing process complexity.  I join my colleagues in congratulating all nine of Dow's technical presenters, including Antony and Alan, on their well-deserved achievement."

"We would like to thank the American Coatings Association and the Vincentz Network for this honor and for supporting the value of our research," says van Dyk. "We believe our work will prove very useful in helping the industry better understand the critical elements of dispersant selection and titanium dioxide distribution in paint."

Each year, the ACA and VN present the American Coatings Award to the most outstanding technical presentation at the conference.  In addition to the award-winning paper, seven other Dow experts delivered technical presentations at ACS, including:

¡¤ Ways to Reduce Dependence on TiO2 without Sacrificing Key Performance Properties

By Dr. David Fasano, Research Scientist, Dow Coating Materials (DCM)

¡¤ Novel WB Epoxies and Curing Agents for Protective Coatings

¡¤ Low-VOC SB Epoxy for Corrosion Resistant Primers with Improved Flexibility

By Daniel Haile, Senior Scientist, DCM

¡¤ New 2k Epoxy Hybrid Dispersion Technology for Durable Floor & Wall Coatings

By Thomas Tepe, Group Leader, Architectural Coatings Technical Service, DCM

¡¤ Development of Novel Self-Crosslinking Resins for Waterborne Wood Finishes

By Laura Veilhauer, Senior Technical Service Scientist, DCM

¡¤ Development of New Low-Emission Epoxy Curing Agents for Ambient Cure Applications

By Rajesh Turakhia, Lead Development Specialist, Dow Epoxy

Jose Maria Bermudez, general manager for Dow Coating Materials North America, says, "Our presentations at ACS this year clearly demonstrate the commitment and high level of expertise Dow brings to our industry.  Customers and the coatings industry as a whole are looking for greater durability, more sustainability and more integrated solutions.  Dow has the technical superiority, historical data, knowledge and broad portfolio to support those needs."

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