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Check Out Copley's Range of Aerosol Characterisation Equipment in Granada

Visitors to the Copley Scientific stand at the 2012 European Aerosol Conference in Granada, Spain (2-7 September) will be able to find out more about new technology for the study of aerosol behaviour, as well as viewing the company's extensive range of aerosol sampling and particle characterisation equipment for pharmaceutical, defence and nanotechnology applications and atmospheric studies.

The 1040XP Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer (HTDMA) from Copley Scientific.

Information will be available about the newly launched 1040XP Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer (HTDMA), an innovative research tool for detailed analysis of the impact of humidity on the growth rate of particles in an aerosol. It is especially relevant for studying the hygroscopic growth of aerosols for accurate deliquescence and efflorescence measurements. The data it provides supports improved understanding of aerosol behaviour, in, for example, the environment, and during product use.

This new system consists of two differential mobility analysers (DMA) linked via a controlled humidification section. The first DMA produces a monodisperse, classified stream of particles from an aerosol from the ambient atmosphere or a built-in aerosol generator. The second analyses these particles following their transition through a region of controlled humidity to precisely assess the impact of that humidity on particle growth.

The European Aerosol Conference is an annual event held by the European Aerosol Assembly that provides a focal point for discussion of the latest developments in aerosol science. This year it is organized by the University of Granada, Andalusian Center for Environmental Studies (CEAMA), Atmospheric Physics Research Group.

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