This Book Examines the Rubber-Pad Process Used for Fabrication of Sheet Metal Aircraft Parts

Rubber-pad forming processes are used to fabricate up to 60% of all sheet metal parts in the aircraft industry. This book describes the different types of rubber-pad forming processes currently being studied, with thorough reports presented on topics such as full defect analysis and the advantages and disadvantages of each process type.

Rubber-Pad Forming Processes: Technology and Applications edited by M Ramezani, University of New South Wales, Australia and Z M Ripin, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.

Rubber-Pad Forming Processes: Technology and Applications from Woodhead Publishing provides a comprehensive overview of the potential of new rubber-processing technologies such as the potential role of rubber as a flexible punch. The opening chapters introduce the main concepts of the sheet metal forming process, and how rubber-pads can be applied; covering topics such as the characteristics of elastomer materials. Later chapters form a detailed analysis of multiple deep drawing techniques, including the Marform technique, Maslennikov's technique and the Verson hydroforming process.

This book brings together two leading researchers in a reference book that will prove indispensable to engineers and researchers alike, as well as aerospace practitioners and those studying metal working processes.

Rubber-Pad Forming Processes: Technology and Applications covers:

  • the potential role of rubber as a flexible punch in metal working processes is to give insight to engineers about different parts that can be produced using this process
  • the procedure of suitable die design for each process is presented in detail
  • full defect analysis is undertaken with a thorough report presented to optimize rubber-pad forming processes
  • comprehensive results of finite element analysis of rubber-pad forming will be presented to study stress and strain distribution and mechanism of deformation of work piece

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