Industrial Nanotech’s Nansulate Coatings to be Used in Caribbean Marketplace Renovation Project

Industrial Nanotech, a provider of energy conserving solutions based on nanotechnology, has reported that its patented Nansulate translucent thermal insulation and protective coating will be utilized for skylight insulation in the recently awarded Caribbean Marketplace Renovation Project. The City of Miami is undertaking the renovation project.

Industrial Nanotech’s Vice President of Business Development, Francesca Crolley stated that the company anticipates having its technology in the reconstruction of this historic building in South Florida. The coating technology is ideal for skylight insulation as it effectively decreases heat transfer through plexiglass or glass, while enabling roughly 92% visible light transmission when tested on pane glass and demonstrating imperative ultraviolet resistance. The company’s coatings have been utilized for skylight applications in projects, including the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University, The Vernon Bank in Louisiana, and the Tampa Port Authority, to name a few.

In architecture, skylights are often utilized for providing natural daylight, which decreases the requirement for interior lighting. However, skylights without Nansulate’s protective benefits can cause heat loss and gain, which in turn increases heating and cooling expenses. They also face problems such as glare and transmission of adverse ultraviolet rays. All these issues can be solved by Nansulate translucent coatings, which are convenient to apply, have high resistance to ultraviolet rays, allow in visible light, and reduce glare. Nansulate’s protective as well as energy-conserving advantages make it an ideal solution for skylight insulation, concluded Crolley.


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