Weller Launches WXD 2 Two Channel 255 W Soldering and Desoldering Station

Weller, a global brand of Apex Tool Group known for innovative soldering solutions, today announced the launch of the WXD 2, a two channel, 255 watt soldering and desoldering station. The WXD 2 features the new WXDP desoldering tool with 120 watts of power, a 35-second heat-up time, quick replacement filter cartridge and XDS nozzles with extended nozzle shafts to minimize tip cleaning.

Unlike traditional units that are left on continuously while in operation, the WXD 2 includes a standby mode, which monitors the motion sensor of the WXDP and automatically sets the pencil to a lower temperature when not in use. This not only reduces energy consumption, but also increases the life of the heating element and nozzles.

The 120 watt WXDP desoldering tool delivers 50 percent more power than standard desoldering equipment. XDS nozzles have an extended thermal transfer nozzle shaft that prevents the suction tube from sticking and minimizes the tedious and time-consuming task of cleaning the tool. The high power XDS element with fast response WX technology means lower working temperatures which, when coupled with the automatic standby mode, triples the life of the suction nozzles.

"Our customer base depends on Weller to build intelligence into our tools so they can work smarter," said Glenn Schindo, director, sales and marketing for Weller North America. "We know techs leave their stations on all day because of the time it takes for them to heat back up. With Weller's differentiating 20-second heat-up time from standby mode true energy savings are realized."

All Weller WX tools have an integrated sensor system with communications, signal processing, and memory built into the handle. This allows control parameters to be stored in the tool's internal memory, not in the WX station. Removal of the tool from its safety rest will switch the tool back to its operating temperature, eliminating the need for stop-and-go stands. A blue LED light ring on the tool handle gives visual indication the tool is heating.

The station's high-speed micro-controller allows maximum temperature precision and optimal dynamic temperature performance in load situations. The WXD 2 standard power-sharing feature offers the flexibility to simultaneously operate any WX tool, or combination of tools, up to 255 watts of total power output. External devices such as a Weller preheating plate or a Weller solder fume extraction unit can also be connected and controlled via the WXD 2 power unit. The maintenance-free Venturi unit produces a constant vacuum to the WXDP desoldering iron via an external compressed air supply to ensure.

Developed by Weller's research and development team in response to customer input, the WXD 2 combined with the WXDP 120 is ideal for professional repair work on state-of-the-art electronic assemblies in the industrial manufacturing, repair and laboratory sectors.

Source: http://www.apextoolgroup.com/

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