Remedy Roofing Acknowledged as One of Fastest Growing Roofing Companies in Dallas

Remedy Roofing has recently been acknowledge as one of the fastest growing construction companies in Dallas.

Enjoying steady growth as a result of their superior services, Remedy Roofing has almost doubled in size in the last three years. When homeowners or commercial business owners need a new roof, they are turning in large numbers to choose a trusted company with an impeccable reputation, and Remedy Roofing is collecting many accolades along the way.

In 2008, Remedy Roofing's revenue reached $17.1 million; this number jumped to $31.1 million in 2011. Overall, the company posted a 3-year growth of 82 percent. This impressive revenue level serves to reflect the company's exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Says Mike Crittenden of ABC Supply, Co., "Based on our vast experience in dealing with a multitude of contractors, we feel that Remedy Roofing is an excellent choice to protect one of your largest assets."

Some companies only work on asphalt roofs or another material, but Remedy Roofing is able to help with a number of roofing materials. They provide repairs and installation services for metal, wood, clay and slate roofs. They are the right company to call when you need roof repair after a storm, and they can assist you if your existing roof needs to be replaced.

Members in good standing with the local Better Business Bureau®, they have been awarded the Gold Star Certificate for following the BBB® Accreditation Standards. The Dallas branches have an A+ rating with the bureau because they consistently provide superior service to their customers.

The largest roofing manufacturer in the nation has also recognized Remedy Roofing as a quality installer offering superior services. They have honored the company with both the Excellence in Consumer Protection Award and the Excellence in Training award. They take the time to train installers and make sure that all team members are current on the latest installation techniques and advancements.

One of the reasons they are so trusted and growing rapidly is because they have insurance adjustors on staff for added convenience. With their experienced team on your side, Dallas residents won't have to worry about the insurance company shortchanging you when you need roof repairs after a storm. With the help of their catastrophic damage division, people are be able to navigate the complex waters of filing your claim after a storm. This expedites the repair process and makes things easier on their customers.

Specializing in roofing, they also offer other services such as replacing doors and windows, providing energy efficiency consultations and installing gutters. Call them for re-roofs, inspections, leak repair, ridge vent installation and all of Dallas' roofing needs.


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