Thermolon Releases Third Generation Sol-Gel Technology-Based Ceramic Non-Stick Coatings

Thermolon Ltd, the South Korean based developer of ceramic coatings, renowned for innovation, announces its all new "MARATHON" coatings. These are being launched on GreenPan non-stick cookware at the 2013 Frankfurt and Chicago Housewares Shows.

MARATHON and MARATHON Professional are Thermolon's 3rd generation coatings based on Sol-Gel technology. Another quantum leap in the chemistry means that MARATHON has extreme durability on a whole raft of different toughness criteria. For example, MARATHON offers not only hardness but also high thermal shock resistance and improved stability against hydrolytic attack. Thermolon's technical advances come from knowledge gained by applying coatings in many different industries. This has enabled Thermolon to improve performance, in for example cookware, by harnessing experiences gained in off-shore industries.

Practical applications open up across a range of industrial applications that require a tough, protective and functional coating that can withstand hostile environments. For example, Thermolon's coatings have already found application in industrial heat exchangers where anti-fouling is important; on water heating elements; and in equipment that needs to be icephobic in harsh weather. Thermolon™ coatings are protective: on hospital equipment they facilitate easier elimination of biological risks and provide durability against multiple disinfection cycles. On industrial production lines, Thermolon's coatings allow less frequent and easier cleaning, reducing production downtime.

All these possibilities are combined with Thermolon's proven commitment to health, safety and the environment. The company's coatings contain no toxic or persistent pollutants and will not release any toxic fumes even when heated up to temperatures as high as 450 degrees Celsius (850 degrees Fahrenheit).

Accordingly, Ceramic non-stick coatings continue to grow in popularity in the housewares industry. So successful are these coatings, that in a 2011 Home World survey, 39.1% of respondents stated they planned to buy ceramic non-stick in their next purchase. The following year, the figure had shot up to 50.9%, showing that ceramic non-stick is widely accepted by consumers as the way ahead. The advent of MARATHON will help cement the already growing number of applications that range from household to industrial to healthcare.

Thermolon™ - setting the new standard in ceramic non-stick, again!


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