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Innovative Dry Separation/De Dusting Technology of Waste Streams

Cyclotecs' Multi Product Air Separators outstand state of art separators, by broader on line adjustment of product size capabilities, resulting in finer product at range of 100-160 microns at higher separation efficiencies, ability to operate at feed moisture up to 5%, & provide up to Four de dusted separation products simultaneously.

Cyclotec Ltd Reports introduction of innovative Dry Separation/De Dusting Technology of aggregate waste streams previously not attractive for recycling.

Cyclotec's unique "Multi-Product Dry Air Separators" offer continuous adjustment of product size, highly defined product output, high efficiency, ability to process semi-moist material (up to 5% moisture), and output of four products simultaneously.

Previously, byproducts less than 5 millimeters were often rejected because they could not be effectively cleaned and sized, and wet processing added cost since drying is required.

Feed can vary from 0.1 to 10 millimeter and classification is based on size, density or form factor.

Equipment is available with production rates from 0.1-80 tons per hour.

Applications include dust removal from aggregates and fillers, crushing and mining byproducts, and dry beneficiation of mining & mineral waste.

Other attributes of this technology include continuously adjustable product size, well defined product particle size distribution, high wear resistance (surfaces are protected by polyurethane and manganese steel), no moving parts and "self-lining" bed protection, low energy consumption (4-6 kilowatts per ton), and low noise.

Till 2010, 12 units were delivered to granite, marble, aggregate, sand, glass, talc, and feldspar industries.


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