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Novel Active Energy Material Combines Solar Energy Generation and Power Storage

Premier Global - DayStar Technologies, Inc. Premier Global Holdings announced that it has demonstrated an active energy material that is the first to combine solar energy generation and power storage into one cell at the molecular level.

"This demonstration is the foundation of something revolutionary in terms of form factor, system cost and renewable applicability for the masses. This technology bundled with a unique Go2Market strategy has the potential to eliminate the monthly electricity bill," states Former Director of Strategic Ventures at Energizer and now of President of Premier Global Holdings John Crawford.

Laboratory tests validated energy storage capacity exceeding 26 hours, zero degradation and a road map for significantly longer storage times with additional optimization. It is believed that this is the first time sunlight has been captured and simultaneously stored in a highly efficient, low-cost format.

When asked how this demonstration would impact DayStar Technologies, Mark Roseborough, CEO of DayStar, elaborated that " DayStar's Board and majority shareholder have agreed to acquire 20% of Premier Global, which is only subject to formal ratification at our next shareholder meeting. Premier's technology enables the deployment of units that can be integrated into homes, offices and industrial sites, providing power during utility system outages and natural disasters. As DayStar is transitioning its business focus towards renewable system integration, alignment with a disruptive technology such as this is critical. This has the potential to enable consumers all over the globe the ability to install a sunlight-driven appliance above ground, underground or in their attic. This is a revolutionary achievement."

"The electricity consumed on a global basis is estimated by various sources to be a $4 trillion market year-on-year," says Dan Giesbrecht, VP Marketing of DayStar. "A 1% market share equates to a $40B year-on-year gross revenue opportunity. A sunlight-driven active energy material such as this provides a fundamental change for the business model of solar generation, storage and distribution. Integrating this active energy material into an appliance, similar to a typical hot water heater, allows solar energy to be arbitraged at the location of generation and would dramatically reduce the demand on any electrical grid. Owners of this type of unit could do a number of things with their power, from automatically storing for later use, to automatically selling electricity back to the grid during peak hours, ultimately reducing or eliminating their monthly electricity bill."

This technology was developed at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and addresses the natural intermittency associated with sun and cloud cover thereby making solar power available anytime day or night. The home is only one application as the technology naturally lends itself as a built-in solution for anyone who uses electricity -- including those 1.6 billion without electricity in the remote regions of China, India and Africa.


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