Jankel to Display Hot-Formed Armored Toyota Land Cruiser at Special Operations Forces Industry Conference

At Jankel's booth (2034) there will be the hot-formed armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200, certified to BRV2009/VR7 and ERV 2010 protection levels.

Hot-forming technology makes Jankel's Toyota 200 offering unique among its competitors. It overcomes many limitations in the conventional armoring process. In order to achieve a complex shape using conventional processes, individual pieces of armor must be measured, cut, fitted, and then welded in such a manner as to fit tightly to the contours or if larger pieces are used, internal volume is compromised. The hot-forming process allows the manufacture of complex shapes, not possible with conventional methods. This allows Jankel to armor its TLC 200 offering with only 31 pieces of armor instead of the 300+ with conventional methods. The advantages include:

  • Lighter weight for a given protection level (less armor and less welding)
  • Reduced weak point in the armor package (fewer welded seams)
  • Increased structural rigidity (a single piece of armor for the top and sides)
  • Simplified installation (fewer pieces to fit and weld)
  • Greater internal volume (fitted to OEM level tolerances)

All of this results in increased capability at a similar price point as conventionally armored solutions. Hot-formed armor represents a leap in what Jankel can offer to users to fulfil their evolving protection requirements.

Jankel has used hot-formed technology on its successful Jeep J8 family of vehicles and will develop several additional armored vehicles within the next few years. All will be built in Jankel's manufacturing facility in Duncan, SC.

Source: http://www.jankelts.com/

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