JR Prototypes Offers Selective Laser Sintering and Cast Urethane Prototyping

JR Prototypes, the prototyping and short-run manufacturing division of the Dielectric Corporation, now offers Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Cast Urethane prototyping in addition to Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and CNC prototyping.

With the purchase of SLS and Cast Urethane prototyping equipment, JR Prototypes is able to offer a full range of prototyping services to customers:

  • SLS prototyping creates complex models and parts, multi-piece, integrated structures and parts with living hinges.
  • Cast Urethane prototyping produces highly accurate and geometrically complex models and end-use parts.
  • FDM prototyping creates rapid prototypes for both testing and end-use in a wide variety of production-grade thermoplastics.
  • CNC prototyping produces prototypes and parts from thermoplastics, thermosets and non-ferrous metals that can be stamped, formed, sawed, sheared and finished.

Helping customers reduce cost, build with confidence and decrease time to market

"Our customers have really appreciated the opportunity to test design concepts before investing in production," says Perry Pabich , Chief Operating Officer for the Dielectric Corporation. "These new capabilities will provide more options and even greater opportunities for savings and productivity gains."

Prototyping helps manufacturers lower their costs and improve product design prior to launch. For a minimal cost, companies can prove a concept, test multiple design variations and conduct validation runs before investing in production. JR Prototypes' short-run production manufacturing cell also allows OEMs to complete pre-production or short-run production evaluations quickly to accelerate new product introductions.

JR Prototypes will be exhibiting at the Design-2-Part Show (D2P) in Schaumburg, Illinois, Tuesday, May 7th, and Wednesday, May 8th, in Booths 518 and 520. A variety of parts will be displayed that highlight the company's expanded capabilities including SLS, FDM, Cast Urethane and CNC prototypes and parts.

D2P is the largest design and contract manufacturing show in the greater Chicago area. Engineers and purchasing personnel attend the show to learn about the latest technologies and connect with high-quality American contract manufacturers. Admission to the show is free.

Source: http://www.jrprototypes.com/

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