Cylics Corp Granted Another 5 Patents

Through sustained research and development, Cyclics Corporation have been granted another 5 patents, bringing their total to more then 50. These patents have been in areas such as resin polymers, compound products and manufacturing processes.

The new patents cover:

  • 2 patents describe new ways to create new block copolymers with Cyclics CBT™ resins. They allow modification of melt temperatures and flexibilities of the plastic.
  • Another of the patents covers methods used to manufacture and purify the CBT resin.
  • While the remaining two patents refer to refinements of the CBT ‘one part’ system, which permits compounders to produce parts from a single catalyst-resin combination using a range of processing technologies.

These new patents protect new technologies that Cyclics have developed for their innovative ultra-low viscosity thermoplastics, assisting in more rapid acceptance of their new products.

For more information on thermoplastics, click here.

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