Morgan Advanced Materials Announces their Full Product Range of Insulating Firebricks

Morgan Advanced Materials announces the availability of a full product range of insulating firebricks (IFB) ideal for the ceramics market, including kilns, furnace linings, and cyclical furnaces.

Manufactured by its Thermal Ceramics business, ten different grades are available to meet the temperature needs of all applications, from 2300°F to 3300°F. Along with superior products and worldwide distribution, Morgan also offers engineering support to for the development of buildup or combination shapes for specific applications.

The K®-23 IFB is an industry staple, manufactured with a unique slurry casting process that produces low thermal conductivity and good thermal shock characteristics. Rated at 2300°F, the flagship K-23 brick has low density, high hot strengths, good thermal stability, and ultra-low thermal conductivity. It experiences much less shrinkage than competitive products, significantly improving its lifetime. A variety of other low temperature options are available that offer tile brick in large shape format, low shrinkage, and insulation stability.

For high temperature kiln linings, Morgan now offers Insalcor®, a high temperature firebrick with a use limit of up to 3250°F. Insalcor, a bubble alumina brick, is produced with a manufacturing process that features excellent strength and thermal stability at high temperatures and great thermal shock resistance for high temperature cycling furnaces.

Morgan also offers a full package of expert engineering and design services to produce buildup or combination shapes for any specific customer application, including suspended roofs for ceramic kilns. Engineering assistance can be provided through all phases, from product development, through implementation, startup and production.

About Morgan Advanced Materials

Morgan Advanced Materials is a global materials engineering company which designs and manufactures a wide range of high specification products with extraordinary properties, across multiple sectors and geographies.

From an extensive range of advanced materials we produce components, assemblies and systems that deliver significantly enhanced performance for our customers’ products and processes. Our engineered solutions are produced to very high tolerances and many are designed for use in extreme environments.

The Company thrives on breakthrough innovation. Our materials scientists and applications engineers work in close collaboration with customers to create outstanding, highly differentiated products that perform more efficiently, more reliably and for longer.

Thermal Ceramics is a business of Morgan Advanced Materials, which has more than 10,000 employees across 50 countries serving specialist markets in the energy, transport, healthcare, electronics, security and defence, petrochemical and industrial sectors.

Morgan Advanced Materials (MGAM) is listed on the London Stock Exchange in the engineering sector.

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