H.B. Fuller Debuts High Polymer Hot Melt Adhesive for Reliable Case and Carton Sealing

With increasing demand to bond a wide range of substrates, volatile raw material prices and an eye towards reducing packaging costs, H.B. Fuller Company has released Advantra Encore™ 4000, a proprietary polymer technology that elevates hot melt performance to new heights. Advantra Encore 4000 is a proven hot melt adhesive for reliable case and carton sealing and is currently being used by major food companies in North America.

The latest in H.B. Fuller's line of next generation hot melts, Advantra Encore 4000 uses a high polymer technology that provides robust bonds while using less adhesive. (PRNewsFoto/H.B. Fuller Company)

H.B. Fuller invented the category of high performance hot melts with its metallocene-based technology called Advantra®. By using its in-depth knowledge and expertise of hot melts, H.B. Fuller developed the first of the revolutionary, next generation high polymer hot melt technology with Advantra Encore™.

The newest proprietary high polymer product for H.B. Fuller is Advantra Encore 4000 which allows for a combination of low density and exceptional bonding and provides higher mileage than metallocene-based or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) hot melt adhesives. This hot melt uses 20 to 30 percent less adhesive than metallocene-based packaging and it uses 40 to 50 percent less adhesive than EVA. As a result, the proprietary high polymer adhesive delivers exceptional value and cost savings for the long run.

"Advantra Encore 4000 provides more options for case and carton sealing, and it sets a new standard of performance for our packaging customers," said Peter Petrulo, business director of End of Line Packaging, North America, at H.B. Fuller. "Since the introduction of Advantra no other supplier has been able to meet this standard of performance. We are committed to continuously developing next generation adhesives that meet customers' evolving business needs."

Advantra Encore 4000 adhesive is specifically designed for exceptional bonding on a uniquely broad range of substrates including coated stocks and high recycled-content board. Due to its aggressive hot tack, Advantra Encore 4000 hot melt can grab and hold quickly to prevent pop-opens with high-memory board and ease other production issues. This high level of performance also offers the potential to switch to lower cost boards that are challenging to seal.

From deep freeze to hot fill, Advantra Encore 4000 performs across broad service temperatures ranging from (-40˚ to 160˚ F/-40˚ to 71˚ C). With Advantra Encore 4000 hot melt, case and carton sealers no longer have to rely on multiple adhesive products to handle varying service temperatures, thereby simplifying operations, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance.

Advantra Encore 4000 adhesive is available from H.B. Fuller. For more information, visit http://www.hbfuller.com/advantra-encore or to learn more about the company's packaging solutions, visit www.hbfuller.com/packaging-solutions.

Source: http://www.hbfuller.com/

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