KnCMiner Debuts Bitcoin ASIC Mining Machine at Crypto-Currency Con 2013

Stockholm, Sweden's KnCMiner AB, the stratospheric Bitcoin mining start-up that gained huge recognition earlier this week for producing the world's first 28nm Bitcoin miner, and believed to be the world's fastest 28nm concept to silicon ever made, will be debuting the first public outing of their flagship Bitcoin ASIC Mining machine; Jupiter, this weekend, 5th October, at the Crypto-Currency Con 2013 in Atlanta.

Also in attendance and headlining the speakers on Saturday Afternoon will be Austin and Becky Craig; the newlyweds creating a feature length documentary as they attempt to live the first 90 days of their married life solely reliant on the pioneering virtual currency, Bitcoin. Their film has already gained praise and momentum within a plethora of press and news stations including NBC, and CNN.

The additional significance in having both the couple and the revolutionary 28nm Bitcoin ASIC miner in the same place, at the same time, is compounded by the fact the film's main sponsor; KnCMiner, will in fact be presenting the lucky couple with their very own KnC Jupiter Bitcoin Miner at Crypto-Currency Con 2013. They then intend to utilise the autonomous mining machine as a means to assist their goal of promoting, and surviving upon Bitcoin, before setting off on an around the world voyage, where amongst other places of interest they will drop by the new KnCMiner headquarters, located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The monster 576Gh/s KnCminer Jupiter device, the most powerful Bitcoin miner ever made, is a machine available for anyone to purchase. Those with the more powerful devices, have a greater individual share of the mining network and are inline for superior rewards of Bitcoins, hence the huge interest in KnC's 28nm ASIC supercomputers.

The fact that public can acquire and operate the plug and play devices ensures the peer to peer currency remains widely distributed and supported, and leads to a stable and decentralised traditional currency alternative.

At 1w/Gh/s at the wall, and utilising the smallest semiconductor die shrink available, Jupiter is also believed to be amongst the most energy efficient Bitcoin mining devices available.

KnCMiner now offer hosting facilities for their devices located in Sweden and these facilities are powered solely on renewable energy, ensuring no carbon footprint exists. This is currency evolved, and KnCMiner, now the leading cryptocurrency manufacturer within the Financial services industry has yet further crypto-currency products, and services to launch over the coming months.

KnCMiner AB is the world's leading specialist of proven extreme performance crypto-currency products, and services. By the end of September 2013, as promised, KnC started shipping their mining products. The Bitcoin ASICs and PCB board worked first time. This was verified by third-party independent inspection. KnCMiner are to date one of the world's fastest growing companies, in one of the world's fastest growing industries.

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