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"Millennium Science Forum" Held at British Embassy in Tokyo

The 2013 "Millennium Science Forum" organized by Oxford Instruments was held at the British Embassy in Tokyo on Wednesday 13th November 2013.

The Millennium Science Forum was established in 1998 to promote scientific exchange between Britain and Japan and award a prize to a young researcher from a Japanese University or research institute who has performed outstanding research in the area of condensed matter science.

The prize is named after Sir Martin Wood, Founder and Honorary President of Oxford Instruments plc.

Previous winners of the "Sir Martin Wood Prize" are Dr Yasunobu Nakamura of NEC Corporation, Dr Tokushi Kizuka, Nagoya University, Dr Katsuya Shimizu, Osaka University, Dr Keiya Shirahama, Keio University, Dr Ichiro Terasaki, Waseda University, Dr Toshimasa Fujisawa, from NTT basic research laboratories, Dr Yuzo Ohno, Tohoku University, Dr Tsuyoshi Kimura, Osaka University , Dr Kazutomo Suenaga, AIST, Dr Akira Ohtomo, Tohoku University, Dr Yousoo Kim, RIKEN, Dr Shuichi Murakami,Tokyo Institute of Technology, Dr Yukio Kawano, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Dr Daichi Chiba, Kyoto University.

The Sir Martin Wood Prize selection committee consists of 8 senior Professors from Japanese Universities and is chaired by Professor Hidetoshi Fukuyama from Tokyo University of Science.

The "Sir Martin Wood Prize" winner receives ¥500,000 in cash and the opportunity to give a series of lectures in British Universities, including Oxford University.

The British Ambassador to Japan, Mr Timothy Hitchens, awards the 2013 Sir Martin Wood Prize to Dr. Naoya Shibata from the University of Tokyo.

The winner of the 2013 "Sir Martin Wood Prize" is Dr. Naoya Shibata Associate Professor, Institute of Engineering Innovation, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. Dr.Shibata was given the prize for his work on development of an advanced scanning transmission electron microscope for material science research.

Dr Shibata was awarded the prize by British Ambassador Tim Hitchins and gave a lecture at the Millennium Science Forum.

Guest speakers at the event were Professor Seigo Tarucha from the University of Tokyo and Sir Peter Williams, Chairman, Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation and former Vice President and Treasurer of the Royal Society.

Further details of the prize and nomination procedures can be obtained from the Secretariat at [email protected] or home page

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