Airtech to Exhibit Sealant Material Products at JEC 2014

Airtech will be presenting a range of innovative products at JEC 2014 in Paris, 11-13 March. Please visit the Airtech stand (K 61) at JEC for more details.

Wrightlease 2R is an extruded fluoropolymer film coated with rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. The light green color is visible on most substrates in addition to offering high elongation and tensile strength.

  • Provides excellent release from all common resin systems for multiple releases.
  • Good adhesion to metal, composite, tooling block and rubber tooling.
  • High elongation allows for easier covering of complex contour surfaces.
  • Non-Silicone adhesive for sensitive applications.

Toolwright 3 is an extruded Fluoropolymer film coated with silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. Toolwright 3 has a thinner film than Toolwright 5 version and can be more easily applied over complex contour surfaces. Toolwright 3 has high elongation, good tear strength, high temperature resistance and excellent clean up after removal.

  • Extend the life of worn tools avoiding cost of new tools.
  • Tougher film is more tear resistant, easier and faster to apply.
  • Improved part surface quality.

Airseal 2 has a new and improved reformulation. New Airseal 2 is reformulated to provide excellent tack, firm feel, good clean-up and long shelf life. Airseal 2 is a sealant tape for room and medium temperature applications, but can also be used for higher temperature envelope bag applications. Airseal 2 Tacky is a softer version with better tack in colder environments.

Airpad HTX is a non-silicone rubber that can be made into caul sheets and flexible mandrels. Airpad HTX has been formulated to provide enhanced performance in comparison to other rubber caul sheet materials.

  • Low shrinkage, provides dimensional accuracy for better part quality.
  • Better bonding to reinforcing layers and surfacing release films, resulting in a longer life tools.
  • Airpad HTX bonds to itself aggressively, making it easier to repair.
  • Heat aging studies show longer life in high temperature applications.
  • Higher Shore hardness for better pressure intensification.
  • Better resistance to solvents, so tools are more durable.
  • Airpad HTX will work with standard release agents, allowing for more complex shape caul sheets and intensifiers. Airtech recommends testing of Airpad HTX in any particular application prior to use.

Airflex is an uncured silicone rubber which has been specially formulated for use as a pressure intensifier on complex shapes parts during vacuum bagging. It can also be used to provide vacuum bag protection from puncture due to bolt heads.

  • Improve part quality and reduce rework
  • Eliminate bridging and reduce scrap
  • Protect bags from puncture avoiding scrap parts
  • Makes vacuum bagging complex parts easier
  • Cures out quickly for fast pre-moulding or can be used uncured on top of prepregs and will cure out before prepregs then apply even pressure.


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