DuPont and UDC to Jointly Develop PHOLED Technology

DuPont and Universal Display Corporation (UDC) have agreed to jointly develop a new generation of soluble Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) materials and technologies.

They intend to combine the ground breaking work of UDC in phosphorescent OLEDs or PHOLEDS, with DuPonts expertise in solution based processing. This new technology has benefits, which will enable them to capture a significant market share in the $30 billion flat panel display market.

Together they will collaborate to develop the intellectual property which combines the advantages of small molecule OLED’s with the solution processable OLED technology. In doing so, they hope to produce a phosphorescent, printable PHOLED, which can be manufactured in a manner similar to ink jet printing.

DuPont intend to use the results of the research to expand their OLED manufacturing capabilities, while UDC will look to licence the technology to a third party for the purposes of manufacturing.

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