Development of New Amorphous Magnetic Alloy for Next-Generation Amorphous Transformers

Hitachi Metals, Ltd. has developed new amorphous magnetic alloy optimal for use in distribution transformer cores.

Employing this new amorphous alloy, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. has developed a compact and low audible noise, next-generation low-loss amorphous transformer.

Hitachi Metals’ new amorphous alloys and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems’ next-generation amorphous transformers contribute to the reduction of power loss, playing a role in the prevention of global warming and responding to the rapid increase in worldwide power demand.

For the prevention of global warming, there are many needs related to the reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, and the efficient use of energy and decrease of electricity use are being urged. In addition to cutting the amount of electricity used, another vital issue is reducing the power loss that occurs in transformers when electricity, coming from power plants through substations, is distributed from power plants through substations to factories, buildings and homes.

The predominant variety of transformer core is made from silicon steel, a type of soft magnetic material. Substituting Hitachi Metals’ amorphous alloy for silicon steel reduces power loss at transformer cores. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems was Japan’s first manufacturer to develop a Top Runner transformer that conforms with standards set by the Top Runner Program, and to launched sales of an amorphous industrial transformer utilizing a core made of amorphous metal materials alloys in 1997, that already conforms with standards set by the Top Runner Program today. Since that time, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems has been being a pioneering force in the proliferation of amorphous transformers.

While amorphous transformers hold great advantages in terms of energy-saving properties, there remained a need for the development of a next-generation amorphous transformer that was more compact and less of audible noisynoise (or less audibly noisy).

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