PMT Offers Acam-Messelectronic’s TDC-GP30 SoC Ultrasonic Flow Converter

The new TDC-GP30system-on-chip (SoC) ultrasonic flow converter sets a new world standard formetering accuracy and power efficiency, deliveringresolution of <0.5 l/hr (0.13 gal/hr) with a 20-year AA-size Li-ion battery life.Developed by Acam-Messelectronic GmbH and available in North America exclusively through Precision Measurement Technologies, the TDC-GP30includes a 32-bit microprocessor in a convenient system-on-chip package that provides calibrated flow and temperature data via firmware with UART, SPI or pulse output. It is ideal for a wide range of fluid-flow applications in HVAC, chemical/medical dosing systems and infusion pumps, as well as gas, heat and water meters.

TDC GP30 FlowConverter

Designed for international use, the TDC-GP30 computesMID-compliant flows and temperatures in gal/hr, l/hr and cu. ft./hr. It is a fifth-generation design in a line of high-performance TDC's that has more then 10 million devices in worldwide flow meter applications.It is three times more power-efficient than the previous generation GP22, which was already the lowest power solution in the industry. The system-on-chip design and low-power microprocessor (77 µA/MHz) allow use of low-cost AA Li-ion battery to reduce initial cost and design complexity. Flow-detection of<0.5 l/hr captures additional revenue for the utility industry and allows building owners to avert damage from slow leaks in building water systems. The GP30 integrates amplitude measurement for signal verification for superior bubble detection, aging detection, empty spool checking and end-of-line testing.

The TDC-GP30 incorporates multiple communications methods, including a pulse interface that allows easy replacement of the mechanical flow piece in hybrid meters. The external microcontroller and firmware do not require modification because the GP30 outputs the same pulse interface used with mechanical flow pieces. This makes switching from mechanical to ultrasonic easier because only the flow piece needs to change. Ultrasonic measurement frequencies up to 4 MHz, along with up to 31 zero crossings allow measurement of high dynamic flows and prevent manipulation of water meters.

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