HEXPOL Compounding Now Provides Full-Service, Dedicated Silicone Resources and Recipe Development

HEXPOL Compounding, a leading global provider of elastomer compounds, is dramatically increasing its silicone processing capabilities. The company now provides full-service, dedicated silicone resources and recipe development.

HEXPOL is leveraging its well-known heritage in custom rubber compounding, defined by industry-leading innovation, to provide its customers with a single source for access to:

  • Custom silicone and organic rubber compounding
  • Over 20 million pounds of HCR mixing capacity
  • Hundreds of compounds for multiple applications
  • A full-service silicone research lab and chemists
  • All types of silicone and silicone/EPDM blends
  • Recipe development per customer specification or application
  • An array of physical forms, such as extended strips or slabs, preforms and pigs-rolls
  • Silicones pigmented to almost any color, including black, from translucent to opaque

"One of our objectives at HEXPOL is to continually find ways to better serve our customers with expanded capabilities," said Donald Picard, HEXPOL's VP Sales & Marketing. "Expanding our silicone capabilities provides our customers with compounds similar to organic rubber compounds, but better suited for extreme and harsh applications. This also adds some new end-user markets to HEXPOL's portfolio."

Silicone elastomers from HEXPOL are versatile and durable, ideal for harsh environments such as temperature extremes (from -100 degrees to 500 degrees F), UV and ozone exposure, and other elements that may deteriorate traditional rubber compounds.

Silicone can be compounded to meet UL flame ratings, FDA regulations, and customized for electrical and thermal conductivity. HEXPOL silicone compounding capabilities meet automotive and general application specifications such as ASTM D2000 GE and FC, SAE's AMS 3304, and military standards such as A-A-59588 (replacement for ZZR 765) and MIL-R-25988.

HEXPOL's experienced scientists and technologists are among the best in the world and work with customers to address their evolving silicone needs in multiple industries, including mass transit, energy, food processing, healthcare, consumer, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few.

Source: http://www.hexpolcompounding.com/

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