Chinese Develop Renewable Power Generation System

The "Household wind/solar hybrid power supply system," developed by the CAS Institute of Electrical Engineering (IEE), has been completed and accepted by a panel of experts recently. The project was a component of "West Renewable Energy Action," a key item of "the 10th Five-years Plan of National Science and Technology Tackle Key Project."

The project aims to develop small wind/solar hybrid power supply system by taking advantage of opulent solar and wind energy on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to fit the need of lighting, watching TV and refrigeration for local Tibetans, so as to improve their living standards. After two-year study on the key technologies and components of wind/solar hybrid power supply system, IEE has developed two kinds of household power supply systems suitable for the Tibet's situation. Based on this, IEE finished the overall system optimized design and commercialization of windmills, inverters and controllers. This research results is advanced in domestic, and has economy, ecology, environment and society synthesizes benefits. It has positive affection for household wind/solar hybrid power supply system and will promote the applications of it.

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