Exeter Analytical Offers High Performance Manual Model 440 CHN Microanalysis System

Competitively priced, the Manual Model 440 CHN Microanalysis System from Exeter Analytical Inc. offers labs running smaller numbers of samples a no-compromise entry point into high performance CHN analysis.

Manual Model 440 CHN Microanalysis System

The Manual Model 440 enables you to precisely determine percentage levels of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (CHN) quickly, easily and reliably across the widest range of sample types.

Low gas and reagent consumption combined with high reduction tube life allows the Manual Model 440 to deliver some of the lowest operating costs of any CHN Microanalysis system commercially available. Intuitive Windows based operating software reduces human errors through incorporation of extensive automation, comprehensive customer help and diagnostic facilities. Most parts on the Model 440 are user replaceable further reducing operating costs and downtime.

Exeter Analytical offers a manual loading Model 440, which incorporates the same unique horizontal furnace design and proven static combustion technology as its popular 64-sample automated system. This horizontal furnace enables easy removal of sample residue (metals, inorganics) between each material analysis thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination. In addition, the gas flow characteristics of the Manual Model 440 are superior to other CHN microanalysis systems due to the effective elimination of troublesome residue build-up over time. Consequently the Manual Model 440 provides longer-term calibration stability as well as enhanced accuracy and precision for measured sample data.

For labs looking to determine sample ash content the horizontal furnace design of the Manual Model 440 makes this analysis routine. The manual system also offers the flexibility for labs determining low level CHN samples to introduce higher sample weights and for those analysing refractory materials to treat them with higher levels of additives to ensure complete combustion. If demand for CHN analysis grows, the Manual Model 440 can be upgraded in the field at any point into a fully automated system.

For further information on the Manual Model 440 please contact Exeter Analytical in North America / ROW on +1 978 251 1411 / [email protected] or in Europe / ROW on +44 2476 323 223 / [email protected].

Exeter Analytical Inc. is a company that has been dedicated to CHN microanalysis for over 25 years. Our expertise and experience with CHN instruments, consumables and supplies has allowed us to better understand all issues facing microanalysts. As a consequence, whether you are a regular or an occasional purchaser, experienced and knowledgeable staff is always available to provide technical advice.

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