Prototyping Firm Meets Sky-High Expectations After Creating Aircraft Cabin Model

Prototyping firm Ogle has been upgraded to ‘first class’ after creating a high fidelity model of an aircraft cabin.

Ogle’s true-to-life model enabled B/E Aerospace, a leading global manufacturer of aircraft passenger cabin interior products, to get agreement from a client on the aesthetics of a product before the development progressed into the detailed design phase and testing.

The replica of the cabin interior monument (CIM) meant the structural assembly, ergonomics and functionality could all be demonstrated as well as showing desired colour, trims and finishes.

Ray Hough, Director of Sales & Marketing, Cabin Interior Structures at B/E Aerospace, said: “For any product to actually go into an aircraft it has to undergo all manner of testing. From making sure it doesn’t burst into flames and give off toxic smoke to strength testing, which makes sure it is strong enough to withstand the rigours of bouncing down the runway or, worse case scenario, an emergency landing.”

Commenting on Ogle’s model, he added: “We were absolutely delighted. It was very well received by our customer too. In fact, they were thrilled when they saw it fitted into the aircraft.”

Although B/E Aerospace’s design team had not carried out the detailed design at that early stage in the product’s development, but with a range of software Ogle was able to work the data provided and prepare it for the required processes, numerically controlled (CNC) machining or 3D printing.

The model also had to be fitted with working lighting controlled via a remote control and luxury materials, including leather.

Ogle marketing and sales director Dave Bennion said: “Throughout the product development process, we demonstrated a flexible approach while meeting the client’s budget and timescale. The end result was a quality product that demonstrates an extremely high attention to detail.”

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