Albany Nanotech Lead The Way In Development of Renewable Energy for NY

Following New York Governor, George E Pataki’s pledge to make New York a leader in renewable energy usage, the state has accelerated its efforts to develop clean, renewable energy alternatives.

Factors driving the push for alternative energy include the growing demand for a reduction in emissions, reduced greenhouse gas output, improved efficiency in energy production and reducing the dependency on foreign energy sources.

These efforts are lead by Albany Nanotech who have plans to construct a $20 million alternative energy test farm. This facility will act as a test bed for a range of technologies such as fuel cells, microturbines, solar cells as well as hydrogen and natural gas distribution.

The test farm will span 2 acres and house a 10,000 square foot laboratory building.

Albany Nanotech is also overseeing the activities of the recently established consortium New Energy New York (NENY) which involves many materials and energy specialising companies. NENY will also be able to assist members, many of whom are small to medium sized with limited developmental funds to pursue the development of new technologies.

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