RocTool to Present their Latest Technologies with a Live Demo in Fakuma, Germany

RocTool, specialists in the design and development of technologies for rapid molding of composites and plastic injection, will present their latest technologies and organize live demo with KraussMaffei, from October 13 to 17 at Fakuma, in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Improving both surface quality and productivity with RocTool heat & cool technologies RocTool prove once again that their high performance technologies offer real answers especially related to surface quality, control of temperature, energy consumption and fast molding of excellent surface quality parts in one single industrial stage directly removed from the mold.

The German market has seen continuous growth since 2010. RocTool’s Variotherm Inductive Technology is providing the best Dynamic Heating Solution available today, offering solutions for high mold surface replication and part cost reduction/quality improvement.

"The LIVE demonstrations that are organized during the FAKUMA trade show, in partnership with and on the stand of KraussMaffei (Hall A7, Stands 7303 & 7304), will provide tangible evidence of this” explains Stefan SONNHALTER, Business Development Manager at RocTool GmbH.

During Fakuma, the produced parts will combine high-gloss effects and holographic textures coming from a technology unique to GF Machining Solutions. The mold is equipped with Incoe’s hot runner system, which ties in with Schöfer’s focus on mold making to ensure optimal quality surface and Oerlikon Balzers’ long lasting, deeper, mirror polish effect, due to their BALITHERM® PRIMEFORM treatment.

With no need for additional film technology, RocTool propose new design options for premium quality parts directly from the mold, therefore removing other finishing stages. Moreover, with their partner KraussMaffei, RocTool demonstrate that it is possible to combine highly demanded aesthetical constraints and mass industrial applications by enabling a high level of replication of the mold surface, thanks to an efficient heating and cooling process.

RocTool technologies are within easy reach for major brands and SME’s. The industrial strategy RocTool Ready aims to simplify access to RocTool’s premium technologies, which are well established on the market. RocTool proposes a new simplified commercial offer, available to both large groups as well as SME’s: "A 'plug & play' concept, which is more accessible within a package including study, license, material, installationand training" explains Stéphane HERSEN, CEO of RocTool.

Furthermore, RocTool has put an ecosystem in place which includes software & injection machine manufacturers, mold makers and resin & composite material suppliers. “With the full package now offered (engineering, equipment, installation, training, support & license) and local presence in the German market, has resulted in strong business growth and many partnerships with key players in the industry” Stefan SONNHALTER concludes.

About RocTool

Created in 2000, RocTool revolutionizes fast molding processes for composites, plastic injection and very soon metal. The processes developed by RocTool are used by major brands in innovative industries: Consumer Electronics (Motorola, Flextronics), Automotive (Mini Cooper, Volvo cars), Sports & Leisure… They hold many advantages including reduced cycle times, enhanced quality resulting in an overall cost reduction of the produced parts for manufacturers. Their headquarters and R&D center are situated at Savoie Technolac, Le Bourget-du-Lac (France). The company also opened three subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Taiwan and boasts test & demonstration platforms in Germany, Japan and Italy.

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