France’s Innovative Companies in Industrial Testing and Analysis Exhibit at Pittcon 2016


Axelera is the French competitive cluster for the chemical and environmental sectors, gathering 322 members - including companies, R&D centers, and training centers, which offer following competencies: Material manufactures, substances & final products; Part makers & industrial equipment designers; Industry services, process engineering, energy efficiency & regulation; Environmental services: water, air, soil & waste management; Laboratories & technical centers in chemistry & environment.

Within this network, some members are involved in industrial analysis:

  • R&D centers
  • Technology developers and providers: Sampling, separation and pre-concentration technologies; Equipment for on-line analysis of gases and liquids; Technologies based on gas chromatography, spectroscopy, optics, acoustics, calorimetry…
  • Industrial end-users of these technologies
  • Laboratories and technical centers in chemistry & environment.

Axelera offers foreign companies a unique opportunity to develop their business, by providing a direct access to innovative technological solutions, and a highly specialized network.

APIX Analytics

APIX proposes:

  • compact Gas Chromatography solutions dedicated to online and real time process monitoring for petro-chemistry, gas quality measurements (BTU, biogas, shale gas…), fuel gas or other industrial emissions analysis.
  • miniaturized and portable Gas Chromatography system enabling direct and on site measurements for real time air quality analysis, VOCs emissions or water & soil pollutions down to ppb level.
  • portable and modular gas analyzers offering quick response time and high specificity for on-site measurements of any chemical threats (warfare agents, toxic compounds or explosives detection).


Avenisense delivers plug & play sensors and transmitters for the continuous monitoring of oil and gas, fuels, lubrication oil quality, beverages, chemicals, paints and inks.

Avenisense is involved in long-term relationships with OEM, system integrators and co-developing companies worldwide. Our high-tech instruments enhance the profitability, safety of industrial processes, and play a key role in reducing the maintenance cost of lubricated machineries.
Avenisense keeps its own sales force in the United States.


At Pittcon 2016, the industrial analysis department of IDEEL offers a panel of efficient analyzing techniques: separation techniques, spectral techniques, and specific sensors. We present our services: expertise around industrial analysis and the factory, experimental means for feasibility test, supporting for R&D.

IVEA Solution

Innovative French company offering complete solutions for elementary analysis using Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). This technology gives you qualitative and quantitative chemical elementary analysis through the characterization of atomic emission lines of the plasma generated by laser.

Our instruments offer real time analysis under multiple conditions: laboratories, on-site and production lines applications.

IVEA portfolio solutions MobiLIBS, EasyLIBS and LinyLIBS are turn-key, modular and portable or transportable systems for solids, liquids, gases, aerosols, powders, emulsions, viscous liquids, soils, waste applications.

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