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Unity Scientific Introduces M18 Moisture Analyzer

Unity Scientific, a leading global supplier of NIR spectrometers, has introduced the M18 Moisture Analyzer. The M18 is a new type of moisture meter that is designed for at-line use in manufacturing plants in support of process control.

The M18 has many innovative features including

  • 30 second analysis time for immediate feedback to process control
  • Scanning technology for accurate, repeatable measurements over a wide range of product types
  • Graphical software and touch screen operation for ease of use
  • Sealed case and rugged design for reliable at-line use
  • Versatile sample accessories for maximum flexibility
  • Made in USA from USA sourced parts where possible for quality and reliability

The M18 Moisture Analyzer is an easy to use, at-line ready moisture meter that will enable plant operators to consistently hit moisture targets.

Moisture control is the primary quality focus of many manufacturing plants. Poor moisture control will increase raw material costs and is a primary cause of waste and rework.Getting data back in 30 seconds allows the operator to precisely monitor and control the process, often creating significant savings in production costs.

Doug Evans, president of Unity Scientific

For more information, please see or contact Bob Schumann at +1 (859) 620-9828.

Unity Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing and sales on Near Infrared instrumentation and Wet Chemistry analyzers. Over 2,500 NIR spectrometers have been installed worldwide. The corporate headquarters including engineering and production are located in Brookfield, Connecticut. The European headquarters is located in Weiler bei Bingen, Germany. For further information, call Unity Scientific at +1 800.445.0759, or email [email protected].

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