Red-y Compact 2 Series Now Available with Alarm Option

We have the pleasure to announce the release of an advanced alarm module for the red-y compact 2 series which adds lots of functionality to our digital mass flow meters. The alarm module provides 3 configurable alarms.

The following triggers are available: High alarm, low alarm, window alarm and totalizer alarm.

Together with the new alarm module we release an new firmware with new features & improvements:

180° screen rotation: They screen turns automatically 180 degrees if you turn the unit over. You can also manually set the display to permanently turn 180 degrees, especially convenient if the gas inlet is coming from the right.

Displayed flow and totalizer resolution setting manually adjustable: The display has the ability to read the flow in many different units, that means that the visible number of digits is calculated depending on the range and the units you select. Normally this is done automatically, but some customers want to see fewer digits to make the display less “nervous”. In addition to the automatic resolution setting of the flow and totalizer values, you can now set you own desired number of digits.

Firmware Update 3.0.4 for red-y compact 2 series

For the digital mass flow meters of the red-y compact series (device generation 2) a new firmware with new advanced features is available. The firmware version 3.0.4 is available free of charge and applicable to all compact 2 devices (SN > 300000).

New features & improvements:

  • Integration of the new alarm module
  • 180° screen rotation
  • Displayed flow and totalizer resolution setting manually adjustable

For detailed information on updated features check the release note provided with the firmware update.

With the new firmware we also release updated operating instructions version A1-9. Hereby all technical details from previous manuals are no longer valid.

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