Development of New Amorphous Alloy for Next-Generation Amorphous Transformers

Hitachi Metals, Ltd. has developed new amorphous magnetic alloy suitable for use in distribution transformer cores.

Employing this new amorphous alloy, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd. has developed a next-generation low core loss amorphous transformer— compact and has low audible noise.

Hitachi Metals’ new amorphous alloys and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems’ next-generation amorphous transformers are contributing to global warming prevention by reducing power loss, and responding to the global rapid increase in demand of electric power.

In order to prevent the global warming, reduction of greenhouse gas emission, such as CO2, high energy efficiency and low electric power consumption are urged. In addition to cutting the electricity use, our major challenge is to reduce the power loss generated in transformers during electric delivery from power plants to factories, buildings and houses.

Presently, most transformer cores are made of silicon steel, which is one of soft magnetic materials. By replacing silicon steel with Hitachi Metals’ amorphous alloy , power loss of transformer cores can be lowered. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems is Japan’s first manufacturer that developed and launched the amorphous industrial transformer using amorphous alloys, which is complied with Top Runner Program, in 1997. Since then, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems has been cultivating the diffusion of the amorphous transformers as the pioneer.

Although the amorphous transformers already had great advantages in energy-saving, it was needed to develop the next-generation amorphous transformer that would be more compact and have lower audible noise.

In comparison with Hitachi Metals’ conventional iron based amorphous alloy “2605SA1,” the newly developed amorphous alloy 2605HB1 has a higher magnetic flux density and lower iron loss ,and reduces the audible noise of transformers.

Employing this new amorphous alloy, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems has developed a next-generation low-loss amorphous transformer for power distribution. Because the next-generation amorphous transformer uses smaller core than conventional amorphous transformer, it can be installed in same area as the silicon steel transformer.Plus, it can reduce audible noise.

Hitachi Metals and Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems have been cooperating in research and development related to the respective fields of amorphous material and transformers. As per amorphous metal and its applications, the world market is expected to expand primarily centered on transformers, which support electrical power infrastructure. We will continue our research and development activities, and play a role in the fight against global warming.

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