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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH Exhibits at CTI USA 2016 Where Their Transmission Seal Rings are Highlighted

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH exhibited at the 10th International CTI Symposium in Novi, Michigan, USA from May 9 to 12, showcasing their latest sealing solutions in automotive transmissions, HEV and EV drives.  This year’s exhibit was particularly noteworthy due to a transmission customer highlighting Saint-Gobain’s seal rings in their CTI technical paper/presentation as a key component used in their technology to meet future CO2 reductions.

According to the customer, the critical seal ring parts delivered very low leakage and spin losses, a significant contribution in making their transmission extremely efficient in terms of fuel-economy.                               

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH (with headquarters based in Wertheim, Germany) has production facilities in Europe, North America and Asia and specializes in design, testing and manufacturing of seal rings, thrust washers and radial plain bearings for transmissions since 1985.  Their precise fit solutions increase efficiency by minimizing leakage, drag losses and component wear.  The aforementioned seal rings are part of their Meldin® polymer product line, whose materials are available in compression or injection molded, machined components and basic shapes.  Seal rings are found in different markets and applications where low leakage is critical.  Some instances include automotive transmissions (AT, CVT, and DCT), differentials and gear boxes as well as brake systems and air conditioning compressors; industrial refrigeration compressors; and oil and gas FPSO compressors.

As one of the key components supplier for transmissions, it is important for Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics L+S GmbH to exhibit at all three transmission events organized by the CTI in North America, China and Germany. This keeps us close to our global customers and key market players, which not only gives us the opportunity to identify the newest developments in transmissions but also understand the impact our current sealing designs have with our customers as we saw with our seal rings at this Novi exhibit.  It validates our goal to provide lifetime confidence to our partners.

Peter Werger, Global Market Manager - Automotive.

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