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EpiGaN nominated for EU Innovation Radar Prize 2016

EpiGaN, the leadingEuropean supplier of commercial-grade 150mm- and 200mm- GaN-on-Silicon epi-wafers for 600V HEMT (High Electron Mobility Transistor) power semiconductors, was shortlisted along with 10 top-ranking European digital innovators participating in EU-funded projects such as Horizon 2020 to compete for the EU Innovation Radar Prize 2016 in the category "Industrial and Enabling Tech". Public voting for the winner is open through the month of August.

EpiGaN offers top performing innovative GaN-on-Si and GaN-on-SiC material solutions that are enabling the next generation of efficient power electronics, RF power and sensor devices and systems. GaN (gallium nitride) technology allows for drastic energy loss savings, more compact and lighter power conversion systems, such as power supplies, and is also in demand for its superior performance in wireless communication.

The Innovation Radar has been established recently as a data-driven initiative by the EU Commission to identify high-potential European digital innovations and the key drivers behind them participating in its FP7, CIP, and Horizon 2020 projects. The EU Innovation Radar supports and guides digital innovators in assessing and highlighting their innovative and economic potentials in the world market. EpiGaN was nominated because of its development of large diameters GaN-on-Si epiwafer that enable a new generation of power electronics with much higher conversion efficiencies.

EpiGaN is developing and manufacturing AlGaN/GaN structures on 200mm Si substrates at the 600V node to enable its customers to successfully position themselves in rapidly growing market segments, addressing the power switching market, including power supply, solar inverter, power supply for data centers, and next, for electric vehicles.

For more information on the EU Innovation Radar initiative, please visit EpiGaN's award profile at

and click on VOTE if in our opinion EpiGaN is the most innovative company. The public poll will close August 31,2016, and the 16 finalists chosen will present their achievements at the ICT Proposers Day in Bratislava on 26 September 2016.

About EpiGaN

Founded in 2010, EpiGaN provides industry-leading III-nitride epitaxial material solutions for top-performance devices, offering early access to a unique and proven GaN/Si and GaN/SiC technology for next-generation power switching and RF devices with significantly improved RF loss performance, as well as advanced sensor solutions. EpiGaN has been incorporated in 2010 as a spin-off of imec and is supported by a strong consortium of investors: EpiGaN is using its recognized strong expertise in GaN technology for manufacturing GaN material in their site of Hasselt, supporting their customers to get access to unique and robust technology. Key applications are power supplies for consumer electronics, AC drives, UPS systems, hybrid electric vehicles, solar inverters, smart grid applications, RF power systems for communications base stations and sensors.

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