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Prototype Firm Called up for BT Work

A Letchworth prototyping company was dialled in to help the UK’s leading telecoms provider create a model for its latest phone designs.

Ogle Models was asked to create two unique phones and base chargers for British Telecom (BT) by Alloy one of the most creative design firms.

The models required intricate detailing for the buttons and integrated lighting for the base charger, which have never before been seen on the market.

After paying a visit to Ogle, we were impressed by the range of equipment, the breadth of materials and processes they were able to perform and replicate. It was a pleasure to work with Ogle.

The determination of the team to deliver exactly what we wanted, and the openness to try new or different processes, is what sets them apart from others.

Matt Harris - Industrial Designer, Alloy

The finished version of the revamped BT DECT cordless telephone range needed to reflect the premium nature of the products for potential buyers.  

In order to create the highest quality of parts needed for the project, Ogle used the Stereolithography (SLA) process which is so accurate it can meet measurements as small as ±0.1 mm per 100 mm.

To produce the brush metal effect, which was required for phones, Ogle also had to experiment with different techniques.

The fine-spun finish turned out to be quite difficult to replicate on the model, but the team at Ogle tried several approaches until they found the one that most accurately matched our reference sample. They even ordered additional tools for this part to achieve the best finish.

Matt Harris - Industrial Designer, Alloy

The base units for the phones had to incorporate a blue LED light to deliver a glow to the base of the phone.

To avoid spots of light, the model making team at Ogle created a reflective funnel to sit within the base unit to deliver an even distribution of light. The team then applied the battery pack, switch and mock USB sockets.

It was a huge honour to work with the guys at Alloy on models for BT’s premium phone range. Being such a high quality product we knew we needed to deliver a superior surface finish. Dean Lear our Project Manager, was key to getting this detail right.

As the handsets would be part of the high-end DECT range, there were several processes and material finishes required that had not previously been used on the phones and required patience and accuracy, which we believe eventually paid off.

Dave Bennion - Marketing and Sales Director, Ogle

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies, serving the needs of customers in the UK and across 180 countries worldwide.

For more information about model making or prototyping contact Ogle on 01462 682 661, visit their website or check out social media to #ChallengeOgle.


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