PbS/PbSe Multiple Channel Detectors

Two or four single lead-salt detector elements are assembled within a single TO-39 or TO-8 housing each with its own IR optical filter, supplied from either one of many LASER COMPONENTS’ standard optical filters or a custom designed optical filter.  Free issue filters or windows can also be used.  The popular detector element of choice measures 1mm x 1mm square.  Single channel detectors usually employ 2mm x 2mm square elements.

With a spectral response from 1 - 5.2µm these high detectivity detectors are ideal for non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) simultaneous gas sensing.  Popular gases include CO2, CO, HC and a reference channel typically at 4µm.

For increased signal to noise, thermal electric coolers (TECs) with one, two, three or even four stages can also be included.

Due to their high response speed, typically exhibiting a 200µs time constant, these detectors are ideal for fast events, such as the detection of hot spots in train wheels, car engine combustion efficiency, electro-mechanical converters, and incinerator efficiency for example.


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