Buehler Announces New Improved Epokwick Fc Castable Mounting System

Fast Cure, Low Viscosity and Zero Shrinkage

Lake Bluff, Illinois…  Buehler, a global industrial manufacturer of value-added consumables and specialty material testing equipment announces the commercial release of the next generation EpoKwick FC (Fast Curing), a unique clear epoxy system. EpoKwick FC is formulated specifically for applications requiring enhanced edge protection like thermal spray coatings used in the aerospace, automotive and energy industries.

Material scientists and quality control laboratories testing metals, alloys, carbides, and ceramics will benefit from the EpoKwick FC when samples cannot withstand the higher temperatures and pressures of a press and/or when the number of samples processed does not justify the expense of a mounting press.  Additionally, EpoKwick FC is the epoxy mounting choice for when fast curing time, low shrinkage and low viscosity is valued in a busy laboratory or testing environment.

With the evolution of EpoKwick FC, Buehler has created the lowest mix viscosity available in a room temperature cured epoxy.   Lower viscosity improves sample quality by maximizing the penetration of gaps, cracks and pores.

EpoKwick FC has a strong physical adherence and zero shrinkage with most samples.  With an improved sample quality and filled pores, gaps are eliminated and the pore walls remain flat to the edge.

For additional information on the Epoxy line of products visit  https://www.buehler.com/epoxy-mounting-systems.php.   Buehler’s pigments are available for use with the EpoKwick FC epoxy systems to provide color contrast between the mount and the specimen during image analysis.  The pigments are offered in three color options (Black, Red, Blue).

Buehler maintains an extensive network of laboratory, sales, distributors and service teams that are available to meet with customers worldwide.  For additional information on the Buehler product offering please visit www.buehler.com or contact Buehler at [email protected]

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