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Ellutia Chromatography Solutions Agrees New Strategic Alliance with Prism Analytical Technologies to Distribute MAX™ to Enhance Spectroscopic & Chromatographic Detection

Max Analyser from Ellutia

Ellutia, world-renowned for gas chromatography instruments and solutions, will work with Prism Analytical Technologies to distribute & install MAX™, a new analyser that measures complex samples by combining the separation power of chromatography with the quantification power of absorption spectroscopy, throughout Europe.

The technology will work across applications including Source Testing, Pesticides and Herbicides, Petroleum Product Testing, Digester/Landfill Gas Testing, Process Monitoring and Ambient Air Testing.

The agreement between Prism and Ellutia will provide the market with innovative solutions to chromatography and spectroscopy challenges. Ellutia’s wide knowledge of solutions to analytical problems, and Prism’s chemical identification expertise will combine to provide the market with this technology, wherein eluting gases are statically analysed in a multi-pass gas cell for increased sensitivity. Analytical algorithms allow for spectral time averaging to further increase sensitivity and produce detection limits in the ppt range.

Based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, Prism is an air testing services provider and a leader in FTIR instrument integration and applications. Its advanced lab, FTIR expertise, and proprietary testing technology have provided solutions to Fortune 500 companies and air testing professionals within the U.S and internationally.

Ellutia designs and produces a range of innovative gas chromatography instruments. Ellutia’s systems are designed to be smaller, faster, give greater sensitivity and be more energy-efficient. The company also produces, installs and supports bespoke systems to fit customers’ exact requirements.

We are delighted to be teaming up with an international company that has such a great reputation in chemical identification and analysis of contaminants. With MAX™, we are pleased to be distributing a product that combines important aspects from both chromatography and spectroscopy and we are confident that this agreement will help pave the way for an advance in chromatographic and spectroscopic solutions.

Andrew James, Marketing Director, Ellutia

Lester H. Keepper III, President & CEO, Co-Founder at Prism Analytical Technologies stated: “Working with Ellutia to distribute MAX™ will make this advanced solution available to wider markets. Ellutia will also help to provide customers with 1 day installation, allowing for immediate analysis and taking care of the customers’ important chromatographic needs. It is important to build key relationships such as this one to allow the integration of our solutions across multiple markets.”

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