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ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants Sign up Distributors in Germany and Poland

ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants today announced agreements with two additional European companies to distribute Exxon Aviation Oil Elite 20W-50 and the company's other aviation lubricants for aircraft piston engines. The new distributors are based in Germany and Poland, and will increase the availability of ExxonMobil's lubricants for general aviation aircraft in Europe.

Piper Generalvertretung Deutschland AG, with headquarters in Calden, Germany, is now part of the ExxonMobil's distributor network in Germany. The company, also known as Piper Germany, sells aircraft and parts, and provides maintenance and repair. It also runs a charter service and flying school.

Unimot Express, based in Warsaw, Poland, is now a distributor for ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants in Poland. The company is a leading distributor of quality petroleum products, including fuels, liquid gases, oil and greases, base oils and paraffin waxes.

It is anticipated that the two distributors will make buying ExxonMobil's aviation lubricants easier for piston aircraft owners and pilots in Europe, where products are readily available at 15 locations within the UK, including Adams Aviation Supply Company; two in Germany, including RAS Parts; and one in Poland, Impex-Saro. In all, ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants has distributors in 10 European countries.

"We continue to add key distributors across Europe so aviation customers keen to use Exxon Elite and our other premium aviation lubricants can do so easily and cost effectively," said Bill Dennis, general aviation lubricants manager--Europe, ExxonMobil Aviation Lubricants. "These two quality distributors are the latest in our growing list of strategic distributors that add value to what we offer customers."

Exxon Elite is a technically advanced blend of synthetic and mineral-based oils. Formulated with a proprietary additive package to control wear in piston-engine aircraft, Exxon Elite is especially suitable for recreational aircraft that typically sit on the ground for days between uses, and are thus susceptible to build up of rust and corrosion, a particular problem in Europe where changeable weather conditions often prevail.

In addition to Exxon Elite, the ExxonMobil product line includes Aviation Oil EE, ashless-dispersant monograde mineral piston-engine oils; Aviation Oil, non-dispersant monograde and multi-grade mineral piston-engine oils; and Mobilgrease 28, a synthetic lubricating grease.

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