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Ashland Introduce Fuel Additive to Reduce Wear Applicable to Marine Low-Sulfur Fuels

New clean air regulations being implemented by the International Maritime Organization are requiring ocean-going vessels to reduce sulfur emissions. Switching to low-sulfur fuel when a vessel enters a designated low-sulfur area can help meet the new regulations. However, using low-sulfur fuel can cause excessive engine part wear. Drew Marine, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc., has introduced AMERGY® XLS fuel conditioner expressly for low-sulfur fuels.

“Frequent use of low-sulfur fuels can result in accelerated wear in fuel pumps, injectors and other engine components,” said Nels Hendrickson, vice president of marketing, Drew Marine. “Not only does AMERGY XLS fuel conditioner provide added lubrication, it also helps to maintain clean fuel injectors and fuel stability during storage.

AMERGY XLS fuel conditioner contains a highly effective fuel lubricant that minimizes metal wear and extends the life of fuel system components. Adding AMERGY XLS fuel conditioner can provide substantial savings to ship owners by reducing maintenance and spare parts costs.

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