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The SFA is a sophisticated research instrument for measuring static and dynamic forces between micron scale regions with Angstrom-level surface separation resolution.  It is a unique and powerful tool for studying surface forces phenomena at the molecular level (nano-scale) providing the contact area, film thickness, surface deformation, local index of refraction and force measurements all in real-time.  Uses for the SFA range from research on increasing oil extraction yield, polymer-polymer and polymer-surface interactions, wet adhesives, metal corrosion, tire friction induced road wear, and mouth feel and texture in the food sciences.  The device has been used in medical related research such as studying cartilage joint wear and cell membrane fusion.

Expanding the company to offering testing and research services was a logical next step. SFA usage has proven itself in the global market with numerous publications in the most prestigious science journals.  Universities worldwide, US Government Research labs, and private sector research use SFA systems.  For example, below is an example utilizing an SFA with in-situ fluorescence imaging to better understand the dynamics of membrane fusion. Such a system allows capturing, the force-distance behavior, membrane thickness (DB) and contact area (CA) measurements.

The company was founded by Jacob Israelachvili in 2002, a Cambridge educated, Research Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials at UCSB with award winning research in the field of surface forces, colloids, and tribology. He is also author of Intermolecular and Surface Forces, the authoritative book on the fundamental concepts and equations applicable to all intermolecular and interfacial science disciplines.  

We are excited to bring in house testing services to the global research community to help better understand this unique field of science. The SFA is a complex device that provides a unique understanding into surface forces interactions on the most detailed level. By offering these new services we can help expedite research in the field at a fraction of typical SFA acquisition cost. It also gives the science community a great opportunity to experience the benefits that can come with owning an SFA.

Jeff Scott, CEO, SurForce, LLC

The new testing services can be either in the form of short-term consulting/feasibility studies or longer-term contracted research and development. The measurement services are an excellent option as a first introduction to the capabilities of the Surface Forces Apparatus (SFA) or when budget and/or manpower does not allow acquiring your own instrument. For inquiries or further details, visit www.SurForeLLC.com or call (805)722.9316.


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