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Dotz secures an Important Commercial Sale of Validotz™ Markers from a Swiss Based Company Providing Secured-Plastic-Packaging Solutions

Dotz Nano Limited (“Dotz” or “the Company”) an advanced technology company developing, manufacturing and commercialising tagging, tracing and verification solutions, has signed a commercial sale of ValiDotz™ security-markers and InSpec™ detectors to a Swiss company offering complete and integrated packaging solutions by introducing the latest standards and technology solutions aimed at governing organizations.

Valued at US$100,000 (CHF 100,000), this order follows extensive migration testing of Dotz’s anti-counterfeiting markers by the customer, which demonstrated ValiDotz’s™ accuracy and stability.

The Swiss company, which can’t be disclosed due to the nature of the anti-counterfeiting business, will integrate Dotz’s polymer-markers into the manufacturing of its safety-plastic solutions, and will use the Company’s detectors. Further analytical tests will be conducted during first phase to optimize the usage of the solutions to this specific anti-counterfeiting project and others to follow.

Dotz’s ValiDotz™ molecular carbon-based non-toxic markers feature multiple layers of security and can be verified in real-time with the Company’s InSpec™ detectors.

Commenting on the sale, CEO of Dotz, Uzi Breier said: “This customer selected our solution from several competing offerings, which validates our high level of security, quality and effectiveness.

The ability to have a sole spectral signature, which can be assigned to an individual plastic unit, is paramount to preventing tampering hence maintaining the high security required by the customer. Significantly, the ability to integrate ValiDotz™ into the plastics manufacturing process opens the door to tagging plastic units in other industries like automotive parts, money notes, electronics, ID cards, toys, safety equipment, and pharmaceutical, to name a few. The global counterfeiting market is worth an estimated $2.2 trillion and we are confident our innovative non-toxic markers can be easily adopted by these industries.

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that our markers are an operative anti-counterfeiting measure as they penetrate directly into the polymers of the plastic without affecting the appearance or properties of the tagged product. As our markers can be cost-effectively added to existing manufacturing processes of plastic packaging, we expect this sale will be the first of many into the vast plastics industry.”


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